Cycle training for beginners and experienced riders

Learn to ride a bike

New to cycling or haven't ridden in a long time? Then this session is for you. I'll help you take your first step in cycling and guide you along the way in your own time and at your own pace. Sessions will take place in a park, quite outdoor area and off road in your prefered location in Manchester or Greater Manchester.
Bikes and helmets available for hire

Urban rider

Already riding a bike and would like to progress onto the roads? Learn how to make safe road journeys and gain the confidence to ride in traffic on quiet or more busier roads, depending on your abilities; to communicate with other road-user and to anticipate others' behaviour to ride confidently in busy traffic.
Bikes and helmets available for hire

Plan your route

This session is aimed at people who can ride a bike and would like to commute to work or place of study on their bike. I will help you plan the safest route from home to your desired destination and ride along with you explaining the hazards en route.

Bikes and helmets available for hire

Cycling clubs

After school and half term cycling clubs in primary and secondary schools. Learn to ride and cycling skills sessions in the school playground.
Balance&Scoot bike sessions for preschool children at nurseries and preschool establishments.
Cycling club for various audiencies (women, families, adults, children). Setting up, planning and leading rides for your group.