Dr Bike Event

Dr Bike events are designed to keep your bike in safe and reliable condition.

All work will be carried out by a qualified Bike mechanic. Our mechanics spend approximately 30 mins on each bike, carrying out a light service and where necessary replacing consumable parts, and carrying out minor repairs.

Dr Bike is only suitable for bikes that are in usable or near-usable condition, as 30 mins is not long enough to carry out extensive work.

To help our qualified mechanics check as many bikes as possible, we ask that owners bring clean bikes in for the checks.

Bike checks & minor repairs...

Caliper and cable adjustment, cable and pad replacement

Indexing, adjustment and cable replacement

Check for wear, lubricate if required

Puncture repair/tube replacement, inflated to recommended pressure (PSI)

Check all nuts and bolts are correctly torqued
Headset and bottom bracket check
Check bar plugs and cable end caps, and replace if missing

Maximum of 30-minutes time spent on your bike

* This is limited to 1 Bike per person